Deep in the Taiga with Mongolian Reindeer Herders



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Film Synopsis

Magser and Aankhaa are raising their children with their reindeer in the north of Mongolia. This year they invited Chloe, Regis and Dominique to spend part of the winter with them. This is the first time they have welcomed visitors in winter.

Huddled around the blazing stove in the camp’s only tent, different visions of the world collide. On the one hand, there is the fascination and the uncomfortable feeling of three Westerners witnessing this disappearing nomadic way of life. On the other hand, come the Dukha herders, bound to modernity with their satellite phones, solar panels and chainsaws, who wonder about this infernal circus of tourists visiting them.

But in the depths of winter, all stereotypes fade away, dissolved in the common efforts to survive together in the deadly cold of -30°C. The reality that both parties discover in the cramped conditions of that tepee will change them all profoundly.

Chloé Phillips-Harris

Horse trainer & writer

Regis Defurnaux

Documentary photographer